🟢SFT Protocol Weekly Report | November13th — November 19th

SFT Protocol
2 min readNov 20, 2023

📈 Dashboard Highlights

  1. TVL : $11,447,954.88
  2. Total FIL staked : 2,246,701.52FIL
  3. Average APR :15.62% ; Average APY:17.11 %
  4. FIL pool total supply : 111,513.51 FIL
  5. FIL total lending amount : 93,570.99FIL

⭐Highlights of the Week

  1. rSPD Joyful Grand Draw — 1000 USDT Super Jackpot Airdrop is still ongoing!🙌
  2. The 2nd Spacemesh Exchange Event has been ended.
    Prize have distributed.
  3. AMA: SFT application chain opens DePIN blueprint.
  4. Active to win TG community 400 $rSPD +20U
    Prize have distributed.
  5. Reward for the most active of on discord.
    Prize will sent this week.
  6. SFT Ambassador Promotion Program

🙋Activities & Campaigns

  1. SFT Ambassador Promotion Program
  2. The TG and DC discussion event have all been ended!
  3. 1000 rSPD to celebrate the milestone of staking have distributed the prize.
  4. Partnership with EQUATION.

👋 About SFT Protocol

SFT Protocol is a Web 3 infrastructure protocol that accelerates Web 3 development through LSD, AI data storage, privacy computing, optimization algorithms, and collaboration with global research institutions. SFT offers LSD products that focus on storage and computing blockchains, including Filecoin, while building Web3 infrastructure ecosystems.

🏡Official Links

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SFT Protocol

SFT Chain, a 'Chain of Chains', bridges physical infra with Web3, focusing on a DePIN platform that integrates storage, computing, edge CDN , and beyond.