rSPD Joyful Grand Draw — 1000 USDT Super Jackpot Airdrop

SFT Protocol
2 min readNov 1, 2023

The SFT Protocol has introduced a new lottery feature on its “Market” page.


Step 1: Log in to the BSC wallet network.

Step 2: Transfer 300 rSPD tokens to the contract.

Step 3: Wait for the drawing.

Step 4: After the drawing is completed, receive a refund of 300 rSPD, and if you win, claim 1000 USDT or 10 FIL.


To participate in the rSPD lottery, transfer 300 rSPD tokens to the contract address on the BSC network, and wait for the drawing. After the drawing, the contract will automatically refund the participant’s rSPD tokens to the original address and in the original quantity.


Grand Prize (1 winner): 1000 USDT

Joyful Prizes (5 winners): 10 FIL

Section Three: Drawing Conditions

The drawing will take place immediately if the total number of participating addresses is ≥800; otherwise, the draw will occur 80 days after the event starts.

Prize Collection

At the end of the draw event, the contract will automatically record the winning user addresses, and users can claim their rewards on the provided page.


1.This event is exclusively conducted on the SFT Protocol BSC network.

2.In case of Sybil Attack or airdrop hunters attempting to compromise the fairness of this lottery, the SFT Protocol will take appropriate measures.

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