SFT Protocol Hardware Infrastructure-Rules for the 2nd Spacemesh Exchange Event

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3 min readNov 7, 2023

The first rSPD Points Exchange for Hardware Infrastructure Testing Event under the SFT Protocol has successfully concluded ahead of schedule, and we appreciate the enthusiastic participation of the community. With Spacemesh as the new addition to the SFT Protocol’s hardware infrastructure, we hope to bring more benefits to the community, and the SFT Protocol will continue with the second round of exchange activities.

In this update, we have upgraded the gameplay:

Gameplay 1: New address users can qualify for the exchange for free through SFT staking.

Gameplay 2: Exchange using rSPD Points.

What are rSPD Points?

rSPD Points are early tokens of the SFT Protocol used for rewarding, promotions, airdrops, and other activities. They are issued on the BSC chain and can be exchanged 1:1 for SPD in the future. The SFT Protocol is building a diverse ecosystem for rSPD Points to give them more utility.

What is Spacemesh?

Spacemesh is a decentralized consensus protocol based on blockchain technology, aiming to achieve a highly decentralized, high-throughput, and secure blockchain network. The Spacemesh protocol uses a resource called “space-time” as its foundation and stores and validates transactions through a mesh structure. At its core is a mathematically verified new consensus protocol that uses Proof of SpaceTime (PoST) instead of Proof of Work (PoW) and employs a highly incentivized mesh instead of a chain. The protocol supports high distribution, allowing frequent rewards for independent miners, and offers high throughput by parallelizing the release of multiple blocks to improve transaction processing speed, thus creating a scalable, secure, and fair blockchain network for efficient, decentralized transactions and applications.

Method 1: SFT Staking for Spacemesh Exchange Rules

From November 7, 2023, to November 18, participants staking in the SFT Protocol on the BSC or FEVM chain will be eligible for special Spacemesh exchange vouchers.

  • Addresses staking more than 50 SFT will receive a 1T Spacemesh voucher, and staking during the event period will no longer be rewarded.
  • Addresses staking more than 800 SFT will receive a 10T Spacemesh voucher, and staking during the event period will no longer be rewarded.
  • Addresses staking more than 3000 SFT will receive a 30T Spacemesh voucher, and staking during the event period will no longer be rewarded. In summary, each address has only one opportunity to receive an exchange voucher.

Method 2: Exchange Spacemesh Using rSPD Points

  • Exchange 1T of Spacemesh for 80 rSPD Points.
  • Exchange 10T of Spacemesh for 1000 rSPD Points.
  • Exchange 30T of Spacemesh for 3600 rSPD Points.


As per Spacemesh Epoch regulations, each epoch lasts 14 days. Users looking to exchange need to register and exchange before the start of a new epoch. Registering within the current epoch will not yield rewards for that epoch but will be considered a pre-registration for the next epoch and rewards will be available after the next epoch concludes. After a successful exchange, you will automatically qualify for mining in the upcoming epoch.

Rules for Exchange Vouchers and Using rSPD Points

  1. If a user has exchange vouchers, they will be given priority.
  2. Using an exchange voucher or rSPD Points for exchange is considered a one-time use, and an address can only exchange once for a specific computing power within the same epoch.
  3. In one epoch, the maximum exchange limit for a single address is 41T (including the use of exchange vouchers). For example, within PoET 8, an address’s maximum exchange limit is 41T.
  4. An address can participate in different epochs, such as PoET 8, PoET 9, and so on.
  5. The second Spacemesh exchange event will be held in three epochs, namely, PoET 8, PoET 9, and PoET 10.

Please note that if the redemption coupon is not used, it will become invalid after the end of each epoch event.

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