SFT Chain Hardware Infrastructure — Spacemesh Exchange Event (3rd Phase Rewards)

SFT Protocol
2 min readDec 1, 2023

The rewards for this epoch have been successfully settled, and we appreciate the enthusiastic participation from the community. With the introduction of Spacemesh as a new addition to the SFT protocol’s hardware infrastructure, we anticipate it will bring more profits to the community. As per market prices, the value of the SMH token recently peaked at $11, marking its historical high. Spacemesh, as a blockchain newly integrated into the SFT hardware infrastructure, aims to create greater economic benefits for the community.

The distribution of earnings for the Spacemesh exchange event (3rd phase rewards) is as follows:

Ongoing Spacemesh exchanges have been comprehensively upgraded and expanded, introducing a series of innovative participation methods:

Method One:

New users with new addresses can acquire exchange vouchers by completing designated tasks.

Method Two:

Direct exchange through rSPD points, with an exchange rate of 300 rSPD per T.

For more details, please refer to:

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