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3 min readNov 24, 2023

The rSPD points to Spacemesh exchange activity is set to launch imminently. Market analysis indicates that the value of the SMH token has recently peaked at 11 USD, marking a historical high. As a newly integrated blockchain into the SFT Chain, Spacemesh aims to generate greater economic benefits for our community.

Concurrent with a comprehensive upgrade and expansion of our hardware infrastructure, we have introduced a series of innovative participation methods:

Method One: New addresses can obtain exchange coupons by completing specific tasks:

  1. Participation is limited to new addresses, which are those that have not previously interacted with any SFT smart contract.
  2. The designated network is FIL-FEVM.
  3. The tasks are as follows:
  • New addresses must make an initial SFT stake, participating in at least a 6-month farm staking activity, with staking volumes reaching or exceeding 10 SFT. If it is not an initial stake or the staking volume is insufficient, the address does not meet the new address criteria.
  • New addresses must join the Pool liquidity pool, providing at least 1 FIL in liquidity support.
  • New addresses are required to invite at least one friend to participate in a 6-month SFT farm staking activity, with no limit set on the staking amount.

Method Two: Exchange directly with rSPD points, with the exchange ratio set at 300 rSPD/T.

About rSPD Points

rSPD points are early tokens under the SFT protocol framework, intended for rewards, promotions, and airdrops, among other activities. These points are issued on the BSC chain, with the expectation that they can be exchanged for SPD tokens at a 1:1 ratio in the future. The SFT protocol is committed to creating a diversified rSPD point ecosystem to enhance its value at the application level.

Spacemesh Participation Guide

Following the Spacemesh epoch rules, each epoch cycle is defined as 14 days. Users must complete registration and exchange before the start of the new epoch cycle. If a user registers during the current cycle, they will not receive rewards for that cycle; the registration will be considered as pre-registration for the next cycle, with rewards being granted after the conclusion of that cycle. Users who complete the exchange will automatically obtain the mining qualification for the next epoch cycle.

Rules for Using Exchange Coupons and rSPD

When users use exchange coupons or rSPD for exchange, the operation will count as a one-time use. Each address is limited to a single exchange opportunity and may not participate in future epoch exchanges. Users who wish to continue participating in subsequent epoch exchanges must complete the exchange process through a new address.

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