SFT Protocol and Titan Network join forces to launch a new chapter in DePIN

SFT Protocol
3 min readMay 7, 2024

A pivotal transformation is unfolding in the realm of decentralized digital infrastructure with the strategic alliance between SFT Protocol and Titan Network.

This partnership represents a crucial leap in the development of decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePIN), establishing new standards for innovation and service in the blockchain industry.

SFT Protocol

SFT Protocol has emerged as a major player in the DePIN sector, recognized for its comprehensive approach to combining storage, computing, and CDN solutions via blockchain technology.

By leveraging blockchain’s transparency and security, SFT Protocol, a leader in decentralized infrastructure, strengthens traditional systems and brings notable advancements in data management and connectivity, becoming the world’s first general purpose Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network.

Titan Network

Titan Network is a digital resource network that rewards the community for matching unused resources with global demand, making it simple for anyone to utilize DePIN services and contribute to building the Internet of Value. The platform provides a comprehensive DePIN service hub where the community can allocate or deploy hardware to deliver interchangeable digital resources, including computing, storage, and bandwidth.

Built-in economic incentives and network architecture ensure that the community is compensated for their contributions, while end-users receive reliable, high-quality results akin to modern cloud solutions. Its open-source platform with low barriers to entry empowers the ecosystem to participate in developing the Internet of Value and reap the rewards.

As a Layer 1 blockchain, Titan Network coordinates a fog resource network developed by the community. It is powered by Edge node container technology, compatible with ultra-lightweight hardware like cell phones and edge devices, and robust Guardian nodes that handle intensive computational tasks.

Validator nodes running consensus and scheduling tasks on the Titan Blockchain manage them all. This design enables the delivery of conventional cloud services in a decentralized, open-source environment while supporting innovative DePIN services such as hot storage, CDN acceleration, and Verifiable Random Functions.

Partnership Details

L1 Guardian nodes hold a vital role in Titan Network’s resource layer, and through the integration of their technologies, SFT and Titan are expanding their ability to deliver exceptional reliability and performance in DePIN services.

L1 Guardian nodes primarily target data centers and stable infrastructure providers. They are responsible for:

  1. Acting as infrastructure providers, working with Validators and Edge nodes to offer customers top-quality storage, bandwidth, and computing services.
  2. Monitoring and evaluating the service quality of Edge nodes based on Validator scheduling and reporting findings back to the Validators.

This partnership is set to transform the management and utilization of digital infrastructure, signifying a move toward more sustainable and decentralized networks that offer enhanced security, reduced costs, and better service quality for both providers and users.

The collaboration between SFT Protocol and Titan Network is expected to set new industry standards, stimulating greater adoption and development of DePIN solutions worldwide.

Future Outlook

Moving forward, SFT Protocol and Titan Network intend to deepen their collaboration through initiatives focused on technological integration and community involvement. They aim to develop new tools and services that bolster the growth and sustainability of the DePIN ecosystem, ensuring decentralized infrastructure benefits reach a wider audience.

Stay tuned as we continue spearheading the transformation of the DePIN sector. Join us, connect with our community, and be a part of the future we’re shaping together.



SFT Protocol

SFT Chain, a 'Chain of Chains', bridges physical infra with Web3, focusing on a DePIN platform that integrates storage, computing, edge CDN , and beyond.