🪙Introducing rSPD Token and It’s Powerful Utilities

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2 min readAug 10, 2023


Introducing rSPD

Contract address: 0x3958BE0c308F9be63F5116aA0Ee92d4531bac21E

rSPD is an early point of SFT Protocol, which is used for event rewards, promotions, airdrops, etc. It is issued on both the BSC and FVM blockchains and can be exchanged for SPD 1:1 in the future. After being exchanged for SPD, rSPD will be destroyed.

What are the utilities of rSPD?

1. Exchange Value: 1:1 conversion to SPD in the future.

Before the SPD mainnet goes live, users can exchange rSPD at a 1:1 ratio, and the exchanged rSPD will be burned. Transformed SPD can be utilized for various financial activities on the mainnet.

2. Payment Value

2.1 Calling equipment: call the equipment in the data center to mine popular digital currencies, such as ALEO.

2.2 Computational Payment: With rSPD, acquire computational packages introduced by the SFT Protocol, such as $FIL, Spacemesh, and more, in exchange for corresponding tokens from various public chains.

2.3 The basic service fee payment of the RPC service.

How to Get rSPD:

1. Active Community Engagement:

Engage in a variety of community and marketing activities, including official giveaways, testing rewards, bug suggestions, AMAs, and other events.

2. Become an Ambassador: Invite & Stake:

Refer others to stake $FIL on the mainnet. Depending on the staked amount, referrers will receive rSPD immediately. The more staked, the more rSPD rewards for the ambassadors.

3. First-time Stakers Bonus:

For those staking more than 50 FIL for the first time with a new address, a warm welcome awaits! Immediately receive 200 rSPD as a token of our appreciation.

With rSPD, we’re not only introducing a token; we’re introducing a means to engage, contribute, and reap rewards from the ever-evolving blockchain landscape. Embrace the power of rSPD and embark on a journey of discovery within the SFT Protocol ecosystem.



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